“Supply on Demand” Custom Pharma Boxes

Rondo Packaging has created a new solution that enables demand-driven supply of secondary packaging to decrease lead-time.

Supply on Demand / Image: Rondo Packaging
Supply on Demand / Image: Rondo Packaging

As the pharmaceutical industry evolves to include serialization, personalized medicine, and compliance in different markets, the demand for custom packaging has never been greater. A recent article from Packaging Europe highlighted a new service from Rondo Packaging designed to reduce turn-around times and re-procurement costs for customers.

The service, called Supply on Demand, is dependent on automated processes and is intended for small quantities with quick delivery times of less than one week. The company has opted to integrate new technologies in printing and processing to reduce set-up time and reduce waste. The new system also eliminates the need for warehousing on the customer’s premises because an exact quantity of goods can be delivered directly to the production line.

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