Top 5 Biosimilar Triumphs of 2016

Last year was a big one for biosimilars; here is a compilation of the most note-worthy developments.

Biosimilar / Photo: PolicyMed
Biosimilar / Photo: PolicyMed

A December 29th Clinical Leader piece summed up the most influential biosimilar developments of 2016. The list is a compilation of events that were widely covered by the media and are bound to play a major role in how the biosimilar industry unfolds. Below is the list of events, but please visit the article for more details and a list of honorable mentions.

  1. Conclusion of BsUFA II Negotiations
  2. CVS, UnitedHealth Choose biosimilars for 2017 Formularies
  3. The Solicitory General Sides With Sandoz On Patent Dance
  4. NOR-SWITCH Study Releases Results: Switching Deemed Safe
  5. Extrapolation Recognized as Key Component of Biosimilarity
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