Live from Pharma EXPO: New Scavenging Solutions from CSP

CSP Technologies added two new products to their robust suite that scavenge moisture, reactive impurities, and odors.


Existing options for bottle scavenging are limited by a number of hurdles including short shelf life, risk of spillage, and quick saturation without immediate recapping. CSP Technologies introduced two innovative scavenging solutions at Pack Expo that improve solid dose stability: PHARMAPUCK™ and ACTIV-SEAL™.

Provides all moisture, CO2, and odor management needs in drop-in or cap-integrated formats. They can even release an aroma to mask unpleasant odors and enhance consumer experience. The pucks are created via injection molding, meaning they’re virtually unbreakable with little to no dusting. They’re also customizable with printed branding and coloring options that visually differentiate the insert from the medication.

ACTIV-SEAL™ is an orifice reducer and desiccant that’s permanently secured to the bottle via induction sealing. It can be paired with lift and peel foil technology for tamper evidence and product stability. It functions the same as other scavengers, but requires fewer steps in the packaging process, which saves time and lowers costs. Because it’s fixed to the bottle, there’s no risk of accidental consumption and its slim design optimizes bottle capacity.

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