Packaging Blunder Leads to Unwanted Pregnancies, Lawsuit Claims

More than 100 women are suing the company, seeking millions in damages

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals is being sued by more than 100 women who claim their birth control pills were allegedly mispackaged and led to unwanted pregnancies, ABC News reported.

The birth control pills were packaged in the wrong order, "rotated 180 degrees … reversing the weekly tablet orientation," ABC News quoted the suit as saying.

Qualitest, a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals, issued a voluntary recall of eight brands of birth-control pills in late 2011.

"At the time, Qualitest said the error had caused the weekly tablet orientation to be reversed and had obscured the pills' lot numbers and expiration dates on certain packages," according to the article.

The women, 113 from 28 states, are suing the company for millions, including some who are seeking money to cover the cost of raising a child, including their education.

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