Ominous Mole? New Device Assesses Cancer Risk.

A Miami start-up has created a handheld device that can determine whether a lesion could be skin cancer.

DermaSensor / Image: DermaSensor
DermaSensor / Image: DermaSensor

Those of us with moles on our bodies know that concerned loved ones will say, “You should get that checked out.” Well according to recent Miami Herald article, it’s about to get a lot easier to get lesions checked out. A Miami-based start-up called DermaSensor has created a handheld device that assists in checking skin lesions for cancer in just seconds. The completely wireless device uses a proprietary algorithm to provide an instant “high risk” or “low risk” result after just 25 seconds of contact with the lesion.

DermaSensor’s device uses spectroscopy and machine-learning to assess the risk level. A physician touches the tip of the device to any lesion where it emits a light similar to a camera flash. A sensor in the device evaluates how the light scatters off the skin and reflects back to determine if the lesion has any abnormal features. Artificial intelligence means that the device will continue to get “smarter” over time. Trials have provided promising results identifying cancerous lesions as high risk over 90% of the time.

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