A Smartphone App Could Replace ECGs

A new smartphone application detects heart attacks with as much accuracy as the conventional ECG diagnostic tool.

ECG App / Image: IMCHI
ECG App / Image: IMCHI

A recent article from New Atlas reported on a new development in heart attack detection. It’s almost as effective as a traditional electrocardiogram (ECG), and much more convenient. The system identifies a specific, deadly form of heart attack known as ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), which occurs when a major artery is completely blocked.

The new smartphone system contains just two ECG leads, as opposed to the 12 used by traditional devices, which can be moved around the body with the accompanying app to track the same 12 measurement locations as the typical ECG. The system employs AliveCor, an approved diagnostic system that uses single ECG leads to monitor cardiovascular systems. The article did not mention when the system will be available commercially.

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