New Medical Device Solves Dry Eye

NuSight Medical has unveiled the NuLids System, a medical device that improves dry conditions by stimulating glands in the eye.

NuSight's NuLids System / Image: NuSight
NuSight's NuLids System / Image: NuSight

According to a recent article from Medical Device Network, NuSight Medical has just introduced a medical device that treats dry eyes. Roughly 86% of dry eye patients suffer from a non-functioning or damaged Meibomian gland. The device, called the NuLids System, works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the glands, resulting in improved tear film stability, comfort, and lubrication.

The NuLids system is only available via licensed eye care practitioners, but patients can perform the treatment at home. In 30-day clinical trials, nearly 95% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment. For dry eye sufferers, news of the new device is sure to bring a tear to their eye.

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