Goodbye Hangovers! New Device Makes Water Taste Like Cocktails!

The Vocktail is a virtual-reality martini glass that with the aid of a mobile app makes water taste like any beverage.

Vocktail Prototype / Image: ACM Multimedia
Vocktail Prototype / Image: ACM Multimedia

Who doesn’t like a cocktail at the end of a long day? But what if your doctor tells you to avoid alcohol, or you simply don’t like hangovers? A recent Curiosity article featured a new device that can trick your senses into thinking you’re drinking cocktails, when it’s actually water. The Vocktail is a souped-up martini glass fitted with accessories that simulate the smell and taste of other drinks.

LED lights change the color of the beverage while scent cartridges and electrodes on the rim of the glass trick your nose and mouth into tasting something that isn’t there. The device connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app that allows the user to customize the beverage color, flavor, and aroma. A team at the National University of Singapore developed the Vocktail; click here to see a video illustrating how it works.

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