New Hydrogel is 5x Stronger than Steel

Scientists have created a new gel that’s as strong as metal, as flexible as Jello, and has the ability to revolutionize artificial ligaments and organs.

Hydrogel / Image: CNN
Hydrogel / Image: CNN

A July 17th CNN article reported on a new gel that’s five times stronger than carbon steel and has medical applications. The substance looks like a mesh bandage and is comprised of hydrogels and glass fibers, a combination that maximizes resilience. The material is 100 times tougher than hydrogels, and 25 times tougher than glass fiber fabric with regard to energy required to destroy it.

The composite material, developed by a team of scientists at Japan’s Hokkaido University, can be used to create biomaterials that won’t break down, such as artificial organs and prostheses.

“It might be used as a biological substitute like artificial cartilage, or artificial ligament, or various kinds of artificial organs,” said team lead, Professor Jian Ping Gong.

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