Talking Packaging Assists Patients with Medical Device Use

Cambridge Consultants creates the "Siri of Healthcare," a talking avatar that helps patients with medical device instructions.

AudioPack / Photo: Cambridge Consultants
AudioPack / Photo: Cambridge Consultants

Anyone who’s tried to assemble an Ikea nightstand knows instruction leaflets can be confusing, and when it comes to drugs, poorly understood instructions can be a matter of life and death. A recent Business Weekly article discussed a breakthrough technology called AudioPack that’s designed to help patients navigate medical device instructions. The packaging invention, developed by Cambridge Consultants, augments traditional instructions with audio messages activated by touch-sensitive paper packaging.

AudioPack uses intuitive design to simplify the treatment process for patients who might not be tech-savvy, or whom have cognitive issues caused by their ailment. The packaging can also cut clinical costs by reducing the time doctors and nurses spend instructing patients on the use of new medications. Click here for a brief video demonstration.

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