New Asthma Point-Of-Care Test

Novartis introduces point-of-care test to diagnose severe allergic asthma in roughly 12 minutes.

Novartis Niji System / Photo:
Novartis Niji System / Photo:

A September 16th article from Pharmacy Times discussed a new test from Novartis that allows for in-office diagnosis of uncontrolled allergic asthma. The company’s Niji System and Total IgE Test measures IgE levels from “1 or 2 droplets of finger-stick blood” in just 12 minutes. Higher IgE levels in already-diagnosed patients are associated with reduced lung function and increased disease severity.

The test system consists of small desktop analyzer and disposable cartridges, and is based on pyroelectric technology. It is cleared for sale in all countries that recognize the CE Mark, and will launch in Europe later this year.

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