Google’s Implantable Device Patent

Google gets under your skin with a subdermal implant that monitors blood and sweat for diagnostic tests.

Diabetes 'graphene tattoo' / Photo:
Diabetes "graphene tattoo" / Photo:

A recent Newsweek article says Google has put forth a patent for a device that when implanted into the wearer’s skin could eliminate trips to the doctor. The patent, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes “a system for measuring and/or monitoring an analyte present in interstitial fluid in skin.”

The device is capable of monitoring blood and sweat and transmitting the data to a companion device, such as a smartwatch or smartphone, to give real-time updates on the wearer’s health. The device is part of a recent diagnostic wearable trend, including the electronic “graphene tattoo” patch introduced earlier this year. If the patch detects high levels of glucose, microneedles inject the wearer with metformin to stabilize blood sugar levels.

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