Decoding the FDA Stamp of Approval for Gadgets

Many new tech-related medical devices tout FDA claims, but what does it all mean?

Earlier this month, anyone who has anything to do with anything tech, gathered at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where every new gadget was put on display.

From the world of sports to entertainment to TV and phones, all were represented, and the healthcare industry was no exception.

Many new devices that promised to track health related statistics were on display, as well as solution-based technology, but it was one claim that caught the eye of some spectators.

Claims of "FDA approved" or "FDA cleared" may have been thrown around, but did a great job of decoding what all of that really means.

The website has put together an in-depth piece on what it all really means, how to get past all the jargon, and learn what approval, or non-approval, the devices really have with the FDA.

Read the report here.

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