Cutting-Edge Realism Takes Medical Training to 'Unimaginable' Levels

Special effects technology from Hollywood is being used to create realistic dummies for doctors to gain experience

What do the TV show "American Horror Story" and Boston Children’s Hospital have in common?

They are both using the same cutting-edge special effects technology to create realistic dummies that, in the case of the hospital, will help doctors gain valuable experience that is closest to a real-life situation.

The New York Times reported that Boston Children’s Hospital recently unveiled two new simulators created for them by Fractured FX, which won an Emmy for its special effects on the popular TV show.

"One had the real feel of a newborn’s skin, muscle and pulsing veins that will be used to simulate a heart-lung bypass; the other allows doctors to practice adding a drain to a brain overwhelmed with fluid," The Times wrote.

Justin Raleigh, the chief executive of Fractured FX, told the news outlet that the company worked tirelessly to make sure the simulators were as realistic as possible.

"He shared magnetic resonance imaging tests, CT scans and hours of conversation with Boston Children’s engineers and doctors to get the anatomical details right, down to the fibrous membrane between the muscle and veins," The Times wrote.

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