Romaco Noack: Unity 600 Blister Packaging Line

The line from Romaco Noack is a high speed machine for medium to large batch sizes, specially designed for blister formats arranged crosswise to the running direction.

Romaco—a sustainability enabler
Romaco—a sustainability enabler

The Romaco Noack Unity 600 blister packaging line from Romaco—a supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids—is a monobloc transfer system that was specifically designed for blister formats arranged crosswise to the running direction. With a maximum output of 600 blisters and 400 cartons per minute, the Unity 600 is made to be a high speed machine for medium to large batch sizes. It is meant to be an ultra-compact line that impresses with a very small footprint, especially in the cleanroom for the primary packaging. The modular system concept consists of a blister machine with rotary sealing and a continuous motion cartoner. If required, the Unity 600 can be combined with different cartoners, track & trace systems, and final packaging systems from Romaco.

The Premium line of the Noack 950 product family can be configured with various feeding units and should be highly flexible. Reproducible parameters, lightweight format parts, and simple settings speed up format and product changes. Excellent OEE values, low running costs, and a wide range of applications are further arguments in favour of Romaco Noack’s Unity 600. This easy-to-operate machine also ships with RFID-assisted user identification.

Maintenance and calibration planning for the blister packaging line are designed to be simplified by a service display in the HMI, which should provide an automatic reminder of the next recommended inspection. Furthermore, Romaco’s Remote Assist service package is meant to ensure support in real time regardless of the physical distance from the machine’s place of use. Faults and error messages are thus dealt with as quickly as possible, whether with Call 4 Service, smart glasses, or the status app.

The Unity 600 is additionally available in a carbon-neutral version on request. All CO2 emissions occurring during the production of the blister packaging line, including all components, are determined for this purpose. Romaco aims to offset the calculated emission values by sponsoring a climate protection project. Gold Standard certified Unity 600 machines are entitled to bear the “Carbon Neutral” label.

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