Airnov HAT®-B Vial Is Designed for Diagnostic and Nutraceutical Markets

Offers numerous sustainability features

Airnov Hat B

The Airnov Healthcare Packaging HAT®-B vial is the latest addition to Airnov’s HAT® range of products, which carries numerous sustainable features. These include a reduction of plastic usage, adjustable desiccant quantity, and versatile sorbent material to fit stability requirements. No desiccant needs to be dropped in the packaging.

The vial, suitable for the diagnostics and nutraceutical markets, is available in two sizes to fit all user needs. It provides an easy grasp and high in-use efficiency: the desiccant location at the bottom of the tube guarantees the closest position to the reactive part of the test strips for an optimal in-use efficiency.

Mélissa Plantier, product line manager at Airnov, says, “This is one of our most advanced sustainable products to date and is very simple for customers to incorporate into their manufacturing processes. It is compatible with automated filling lines, can use all type of desiccants, and is food-contact compliant, as the desiccant does not touch the payload.”

Airnov will be launching the HAT®-B vial at the AACC event in Chicago, taking place from July 26 to 28. Alongside HAT®-B, Airnov will be exhibiting a range of other products, including HAT®-SNAP with tamper-evidence features and HAT®-IN, which integrates ADP® (advanced desiccant polymer) technology into the vial itself to provide a high moisture barrier.

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