Dispense Works Inc.: Liquid Filling/Capping Robots

RF Series Robots for benchtop bottle/vial filling.

Filling And Capping Machine

Dispense Works Inc. now offers the RF 2415 Robot designed to streamline filling and capping operations with one benchtop package. This dispensing machine is able to process bottles, tubes, and vials with caps screwed on or supplied loose. 

 RF 2415 robots—manufactured in the U.S.—have a 24” x 15” travel area, and were designed for liquid filling, plugging and capping applications in the biotech, e-liquid and pharmaceutical industries. Functions are fully programmable for capping torque, nozzle stroke, and full servo peristaltic pump control.

This system requires no PC for operation, and provides all preprogrammed software functions for filling, capping, assembly, positioning, etc. Hundreds of files may be stored on the machine for quick changeover. Switch to different volumes or positions by simply loading a new file. The machine’s barcode scan function will allow selecting jobs from a label or work order as well.

An onboard history file logs production data including file name, date/time stamp, quantity, cycle times, etc., for each run, and includes copying and printing functions.