Modify Powder Dosing without Changing Dosing Disc

MG America featured the new patented EXTRUDOR™ dosing unit on an AlternA70N intermittent-motion capsule filler.

The MG America booth (the U.S. subsidiary of Italy-based MG2) featured a number of machines, including its brand new patented EXTRUDOR™ dosing unit which allows users to modify the dosed powder quantity through simple and rapid adjustments without changing the dosing disc.

The system is designed to offer flexibility, accuracy and uniformity, increasing the dosing precision and reducing powder dispersion, resulting in shorter cleaning times and lower maintenance costs. At the show, the unit was installed on MG2’s intermittent-motion capsule filler model AlternA70N, which can reach speeds up to 70,000 capsules/hr. The AlternA70N can be equipped with a powder or pellet dosing unit, or a combination and handles capsule sizes from 00 to 5, including elongated and tamper-proof capsules.

  • PLANETA 100 Capsule Filler, a continuous motion machine for medium to high production volumes capable of speeds up to 100,000 capsules/hr

  • Track & trace-ready version of the side load case packer GSL10 that uses servomotors for main machine movements and a pneumatic system only for secondary movements, for ease of use and improved reliability

  • Cariba 230 Cartoner (C230), a flexible top-load cartoner that produces up to 80 boxes/min

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