Bosch: ALF 5000

New vial version of the filling and closing machine for safe and reliable processing of various container types with 100% in-process control.

Bosch Packaging Technology has launched its new vial version of the ALF series which accommodates ampoules, vials or both container types on one machine.

To date, customers could fill either ampoules, or vials and ampoules on a combi machine. Now the proven platform is also available for vials only, meaning that pharmaceutical manufacturers can choose between three different versions of Bosch Packaging Technology’s ALF 5000.

A major innovation of the platform is its 100% in-process control (IPC), which ensures accurate filling volumes at all times. The filling and closing machine offers an output of up to 600 containers per minute while securing continuous process safety and quality.

During processing, the ALF 5000 weighs the containers before and after filling in order to achieve exact filling volumes at all times, which is particularly important for manufacturers of high-cost medicines such as cytostatics.

Safe, gentle and hygienic

The filling and closing machine’s transport system allows for safe processing: The carrying rake transport system ensures gentle handling of glass containers. The device seamlessly switches from continuous to intermittent operating modes and slightly lifts the glass containers to prevent them from rubbing against the machine guide.

The transport system also ensures highly hygienic processes. The system is activated solely via rotary movements from the base unit. Since the lever used for the rotating motion is easier to seal, the machine design prevents particles from entering the filling area, while the rotating movement minimizes the risk of contamination by lubricants and other materials. This way, the ALF 5000 supports the hygienic filling of liquid pharmaceuticals.

Flexible adaptation to different production scenarios

The ALF 5000 also offers a wide range of filling systems: The platform can be equipped with all established filling systems such as peristaltic pump or time-pressure-filling system and optionally comes with four, six, eight, ten or twelve filling points. Customers can further choose between different infeed and outfeed versions for flexible systems tailored to customer requirements.

The ALF 5000 is available in different layout versions – left- and right-handed –, which makes it adaptable to existing production sites and workflows. Due to its compact design, the ALF 5000 is suited for wall-mounting and integration into barrier systems. Following Bosch’s pharmaceutical line competence, the new filling and closing machine can be combined with upstream and downstream equipment to form a complete line.

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