Oval Medical Technologies Ltd.: Autoinjector development

Technology permits automatic delivery of high-viscosity biopharmaceuticals through a prefilled syringe and can be administered by patients in their own home.

Oval autoinjector
Oval autoinjector

Oval Medical Technologies Ltd. announced that a variety of 1100 cPs solutions (the thickness of motor oil) have been successfully delivered through a 25G thinwall needle, in less than 7 seconds, using their autoinjector.
The autoinjector technology solves problems in the industry for drug containment and for the end user. The automatic delivery of high-viscosity drugs is an important milestone for injection delivery, as there is currently no-known automatic injection device with a needle on the market that can deliver these viscosities.

Viscosity has been a problem for many biopharmaceutical formulators as many biologics are very viscous. There has been no effective way of delivering high-viscosity drugs through a prefilled syringe, without extreme pain to the patient (due to a large needle bore) and physical discomfort, to the caregiver, when administering the injection (due to high injection forces). Not only does this mean that these wonder drugs (often coined magic bullets) can be administered through the Oval device, but they can be administered by the patient in their own home.

Oval also has a new technology, which should enable much higher viscosities (100,000 cPs) to be administered subcutaneously. Oval Medical Technologies is currently developing a novel autoinjector that is much smaller, easier and safer to use than any other device currently available. It will allow pharmaceutical partners to utilize Oval’s technology to deliver sensitive biological drugs that would not otherwise be able to be delivered in injectable devices and patients to have a device that is easily useable. Oval is already working with a number of pharmaceutical companies to customize devices for specific therapeutic areas.

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