Biologics Account for Nearly Half of the Top-Revenue Producing Drugs with a Low-Volume of Production

A study from PMMI Business Intelligence, released in Fall of 2016, reports the global biologics market was $246 billion in 2015 and is expected to claim 27% of the global market for drugs in 2019.

Pharma vs. Bio Global Market Share
Pharma vs. Bio Global Market Share

Forty percent of drugs in clinical trials are now biologics. One reason for growth is the shift from the traditional vial/syringe format to pre-filled, single-dose and self-administered alternatives like injectable pens.

In February of 2015 the FDA approved the first biosimilar in the U.S., six years behind Europe. Two more were approved here in the U.S. in 2016. Also known as subsequent entry, or follow on biologics, these competitors do not share the original source material, rather than generics for pharma which can have the same chemical formula.

These biologics and biosimilars usually require some temperature management packaging/monitoring that can move through the supply chain to final destination.

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