Marchesini Group: Labeler has Track-and-Trace Capability

BL400 VTE TT machine applies two tamper-evident security seal labels on carton sides, works at rates up to 400 cartons/min.

Marchesini BL400
Marchesini BL400

A supplier of machines with track-and-trace solutions, in line with current serialization standards, Marchesini Group offers a variety of products for pharmaceutical track-and-trace/serialization needs. These include standalone machines as well as complete lines featuring flexibility and reliability.

One of these is the BL400 VTE TT labeler, which enables the application of two tamper-evident security seal labels on the side flaps of the carton, as well as a vignette label, all in addition to printing 2D codes, Data-matrix and human-readable data on the upper face and/or on the side flaps of the carton, with quality vision system control.

The machine works at a rate of up to 400 cartons/min. It features an ergonomic and accessible balcony design. It conveys the products with a toothed/lug conveyor and consequently guarantees utmost precision and tracking in label application and printing. Other features are precise and rapid size changeover, the capability to install various types of ink-jet or laser printing, and OCR and OCV vision systems.


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