OxySense: Non-invasive oxygen measurement system

Sidewinder measurement needle measures headspace and dissolved oxygen in closed and opaque containers.

OxySense needle
OxySense needle

OxySense Inc.’s new Sidewinder Invasive Measurement Needle. allows users to perforate rigid containers (cans, bottles, and PET packages) and flex packs and take measurements with the same system and technology they use for tnon-invasive tests and permeation studies.

The Sidewinder uses the same OxyDot Sensor (O2xyDot®); this means it does not extract a sample to take a reading—thereby reducing the likelihood of pulling in external oxygen and contaminating the sample. Built of heavy-gauge stainless steel, each Sidewinder Needle works for hundreds of measurements, even in metal cans or through metal caps.

Built to be accurate, fast, user-friendly and affordable to own and use (virtually no maintenance and no annual calibration requirements), it is an addition to a lab's resources.


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