New Telehealth Device Brings Health Management Home*

Cambridge Consultants has introduced VenaHub, a wireless data collection device to enable proactive self-management of chronic diseases.

VenaHub was released today at the Connected Health Symposium in Boston where Paul Williamson, Head of Wireless Medical at Cambridge Consultants is speaking about the future of Connected Health.

A September survey conducted by Cambridge Consultants showed that Connected Health, a new approach that empowers patients to better manage their healthcare, is increasingly being perceived as the key to bringing down healthcare costs nationwide. One of the key tenets of Connected Health is to use new consumer-oriented technology to allow patients easier access to data.

Accordingly, the market has seen an influx of new smart devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, glucometers and inhalers. The inexpensive VenaHub will act as a data collection point for these new devices and will assemble all the information into a patient-friendly interface. (For example, an asthmatic patient could tailor their portal to see various types of information - charts of their recent inhaler use, reminders for refilling prescriptions or doctor's appointments, lung function data via a peak flow chart - all juxtaposed against the coming week's pollen forecast.)
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