Cooling Compressors

Secop next-generation ULT cooling compressors are designed for global vaccine distribution and the medical cold chain.

Secop Ult Cooling Compressor

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Engineered to streamline the storage and distribution of mRNA vaccines used to fight cancer, COVID-19, HIV, malaria, influenza, and other diseases, Secop ULT cooling compressors are technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and globally compatible, and meet the stringent requirements of the medical field, preserving the integrity and longevity of the stored samples.

Secop compressors incorporate a new generation of control electronics that optimize energy efficiency, while actively monitoring and regulating cooling temperatures to maintain a precise environment.

For storage applications, a cascade configuration is available, featuring either 2x MN13UVULTM or 2x MS18UVULTM medical-grade variable-speed AC compressors. The design enables accurate temperature control and reduces energy consumption, while preserving the reliability of the system.

For transport, Secop offers a cascade configuration utilizing 2x MP2UVULTM DC compressors, specially engineered for mobile applications. These compressors are designed to deliver reliable, efficient cooling performance during transportation by addressing the unique challenges associated with maintaining the required temperature range while on the move. They enable active temperature control throughout the entire journey, eliminating the need for dry ice-cooled boxes, increasing the reliability of the transport process, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional low-tech cooling methods.

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