Sonoco ThermoSafe Expands Pegasus ULD fleet

The new class of air freight container is a game-changer for high-value air freight, such as pharmaceuticals.

Sonoco Thermo Safe Pegasus Uld

Sonoco ThermoSafe has announced a rapid expansion of the Pegasus ULD fleet accessible via direct lease from Sonoco or via the growing global network of strategic partner airlines and freight forwarders.

The Pegasus unit load device (ULD) is the only advanced passive aircraft-certified temperature-controlled container (TCC). As a ULD, it is classified as aircraft equipment. It locks into the aircraft’s lower deck cargo hold without the need to place the container onto a PMC (aircraft pallet) or to use straps and nets to secure it onto the PMC prior to loading onto aircraft. Without these extra steps, Pegasus ULD shipments speed through airports, avoiding delays at customs and ground handling agents.

The Pegasus ULD also offers a reusable packaging solution that drastically cuts landfill moving away from single-use pallet packaging. It provides integrated FAA-approved real-time, cloud-based data, including GPS location, payload and ambient temperatures, light, and other environmental factors

Stations within Sonoco’s Global Service Network include partnerships with ACL Airshop, Unilode Aviation Solutions, and Focus WFS, where the Pegasus ULD fleet is in stock and available for release today. Each station is an FAA 145 facility capable of performing the required ULD maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) per regulatory requirements for flight safety. Each station also performs ground services to include the preconditioning of phase change material (PCM) bottles in the temperature-controlled chambers available on site.

The list of airlines that have approved the Pegasus ULD for uplift on their aircrafts keeps growing. To name a few, it includes American, Asiana, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Korean Air, LATAM, Qatar Airways, Singapore, Swiss, Turkish, and United. Pharmaceutical companies can also contact their logistics providers for support on Pegasus ULD containers and book air freight via any of these airlines.

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