Cold Chain Shipping Solution

Peli BioThermal Crēdo™ Go is designed with the commercial pharmaceutical market in mind.

Peli Bio Thermal Credo Go

The Peli BioThermal Crēdo™ Go reusable flexible temperature-controlled shipping solution is designed to adapt to unique customer programs, as well as to help pharmaceutical companies reach environmental, social and governance goals, cost reduction targets, and operational performance indicators.

“The number of commercially approved pharmaceutical products that require strict temperature control is growing rapidly. And we understand that discovery, clinical trials, and commercialization require different solutions,” says Phil Gyori, CEO of Pelican Products, parent company of Peli BioThermal. “Crēdo™ Go brings together Peli BioThermal’s long-trusted technology and modern design innovation to improve payload protection, increase component longevity, and minimize a program’s carbon footprint.”

The Crēdo™ Go shipping solution combines customer collaboration and data-driven optimization to propose a portfolio of shipper options that meet unique business and program requirements. Each shipper is supplied with 2-, 4-, or 6-TIC™ configurations to dial thermal duration up or down and switch between open and tight temperature control to meet typical and complex shipping lane profiles.

New box build automation technology offers increased throughput and capacity potential with greatly reduced lead times for new shipper configurations while a simple, repeatable, and accurate pack-out process reduces packing time, increases daily throughput and minimizes assembly error. Additionally, TIC™ BridgeGuard technology distributes the phase change material coolant to where it is most needed to reduce the impact of thermal bridging without sacrificing payload space or increasing chargeable shipper weight.

Crēdo™ Go users work with a dedicated product specialist to identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction by collecting customer-specific data points to input into Peli BioThermal’s Trufit optimization software. This analysis tool utilizes customer data to build an optimal solution portfolio that meets the needs, goals, and performance metrics of any program. Once a program is up and running, Crēdo ProEnvision™ software provides order, shipment, and maintenance support to measure and continually improve program performance.

Crēdo™ Go reusable shippers accommodate payload sizes from 2.5 to 83 liters and temperature ranges from frozen to controlled room temperature. Shipping durations span 24 to 120+ hr. All sizes are available through Peli BioThermal’s Crēdo™ on Reserve rental program, which provides an easy-to-follow process for return to the organization’s high-volume service centers, where the majority of the shipper is reused and the rest is recycled.

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