BioLife Solutions Deploys SciSafe Ultra Low Temperature Trailers

The truck trailers will extend the company’s services to manage local cold chain movements for customers’ biologic materials.

Bio Life Truck Wrap Image1

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BioLife Solutions, a leading supplier of class-defining bioproduction tools and services for the cell and gene therapies and broader biopharma markets, has announced its SciSafe biostorage services platform will now offer a fleet of refrigerated and ultra-low temperature (ULT) truck trailers to manage local cold chain movements for customers’ biologic materials. This fleet provides an ideal transportation solution for any biologic product movement requiring ULT storage between -20°C and -196°C without the need for dry ice as it moves from pharmaceutical manufacturer to contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO) sites and can be deployed worldwide.

Running on generator power with two cooling systems, the fleet can also carry up to 10 plugged in, powered, and running upright ULT freezers at a time, expanding supported temperatures to as low as -86°C, with equipment to track location and trailer temperatures, in real time. The controlled temperature trailers can also transport liquid nitrogen storage freezers containing biologic materials stored at -150°C and colder.

This new domestic transport service enables operational flexibility and reduced risk through the same provider SciSafe customers already trust with their sample management. Furthermore, the ability to ship older freezers to SciSafe for management and to replace them in-facility with newer models supports campus sustainability and helps to lower energy costs. 

“Our ability to move client biomaterials safely at ultra-low temperatures is highly valued by pharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy companies,” says Mike Rice, chairman and CEO of BioLife Solutions. “This service also highly complements our internal use of our portfolio of cold chain products, including the evo® DV10 Smart Shipper™, Stirling® Ultracold freezers, and cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage freezers. These controlled temperature trailers expand the volume as well as the type of materials that can be moved and, in turn, increase the value we can offer our customers.”


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