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New at TempPack: Sustainability, Temp Control Strategies, and More

Experts will talk real-time monitoring, decluttering sustainability, URAC Pharmacy Accreditation focusing on medication distribution management, and more at the event taking place May 1-3 in Houston.

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Just announced: new speakers and topics at TempPack, part of the ISTA Forum taking place May 1-3 at the Houston Marriott Marquis.

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Maintaining Quality and Efficacy: Temperature Control Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Lifecycle (Wednesday, May 3 @ 11:30am)

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  • Filiberto Rodriguez, principal scientist - technical launch integrator, Johnson & Johnson
  • Victoria Wilmore, temperature control support center director, Johnson & Johnson

When receiving a treatment or giving someone a medicine, do you ever wonder if the temperature has been maintained appropriately? Temperature control throughout the end-to-end supply chain of a pharmaceutical is critical to ensure its quality and efficacy.  In this session, we will provide an overview of the key steps and intermediates to pharma manufacturing and what are the unique temperature and transportation needs of each.  We’ll explore strategies to track cumulative temperature exposure as well as how to unlock synergies between nodes of the supply chain.  Come prepared to get a broader and more innovative view of how we can best serve our patients through effective temperature control.

Decluttering Sustainability: Frameworks, Test Methods, & Questions to Ask (Wednesday, May 3 @ 2:15pm)

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  • Josh Russo, innovation manager, LifeMade Products, a Jadex Company

Sustainability is hard. Does it have to be overwhelming? After decades of faithfully rolling a blue bin to the curb, how do you make sense of headlines claiming recycling is a myth? Your supplier wants to sell you biodegradable packaging, do you know what that means to regulators? To consumers? How is biodegradable different from compostable or recyclable? What can you claim by using that product and how do you connect the sustainable claim to the value of your own brand or product? Let's learn a couple of simple frameworks for talking about sustainability, some important Government and non-government organizations influencing sustainable practice, and critically some key standards, respected certifications, and 3rd-party test methods. When we're done you won't be an expert, but you'll be better equipped to interpret headlines, buy products for your family, and quiz your suppliers on their claims.

Introduction to URAC Pharmacy Accreditation (Wednesday, May 3 @ 10:30am)

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  • Jenn Richards, product development principal, URAC

In this session, URAC Pharmacy Leaders will present an overview of pharmacy accreditation. We will discuss the value accreditation brings, focusing on medication distribution management. We will cover standards development and the applicant review processes. Finally, the URAC team will share additional benefits to manufacturers in working with accredited organizations.

Real-Time Monitoring Panel Discussion (Wednesday, May 3 @ 3:15pm)

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  • Jeff Clark, founder & CEO, 7PSolutions, LLC
  • Mark Maurice, solutions engineer, Sensitech
  • Nick Heikkinen, VP of IOT and operations, Overhaul

Plus, check out the full agenda here. 

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