Reusable cold chain shipper

Intelligent Thermal Solutions debuts its IntelliTherm 5-L shipping container.

Hp 20279 Its 5 L Intelli Therm Shipper
Utilizing the same, patented cooling technology used with the company's IntelliTherm 36-L and 11-L options, the 5-L version provides temperature assurance for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics for up to 120 hr in refrigerated, frozen, and dry ice temperature ranges. The passive container is regulated by a patented active cooling technology that does not require power or batteries.

The shipper is designed to help users save money and time, and reduce their carbon footprint, with temperature monitoring and regulating that simplifies their cold chain management processes. As a technology platform, it has a built in real time track-and-trace (GPS/GSM/CDMA) device with the capability of also reading internal and external temperatures, humidity, shock, vibration, and cargo security alert features.
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