2022 HDA PCSC Educational Seminar in April

The educational event will take place April in Whippany, NJ, and will feature expert-led presentations, live demonstrations, as well as a keynote from transportation experts.

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The HDA PCSC Educational Seminar brings together those within healthcare, as well as many other industries, that ship and store sensitive, high-risk/high-value products — anywhere in the world. Held annually since 2006, this supply chain security educational event provides interactive instruction, with both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as case-study discussions and “table-top” simulation exercises. Attendees are introduced to government law enforcement and regulatory personnel (and vice-versa) to enhance knowledge of supply chain security best practices.

Seminar topics include:

  • Supply chain security case studies ordering fraud & Operation Vax

  • Global supply chain intelligence

  • Street level intelligence in threat assessments

  • Cybersecurity issues in supply chains

Who attends?

The educational seminar is designed for industry professionals (within or outside healthcare) that ship and store sensitive, high-risk/high-value products. HDA also encourages those that support shipping and warehousing operations to attend, such as ground/air/sea/rail transportation entities, third-party logistics, freight-forwarders, customs brokers, insurers, federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

For registration, visit the event page.

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