Frozen specimen transport services

Biopharmaceutical growth, excursions, and monitoring responsibilities are key issues for shippers of temperature-sensitive products. "One of the trends in cold chain distribution is the growing presence of biologics and pharmaceuticals that require more temperature-sensitive handling and monitoring. They are more expensive and fragile products, and as more of these enter the market, it increasingly behooves industry to pay close attention to their careful handling and temperature monitoring." That assessment comes from Allan Reynolds, vice president, industry and member relations for CAPDM, the Canadian Assn. for Pharmacy Distribution Management.

• transports temperature-sensitive biomaterials at temperatures from 4°C to –140°C (ambient to cryogenic)

• monitoring probes are calculated to NIST-traceable standards

• hazardous or infectious materials are packed and shipped by certified drivers in full compliance with government regulations

Thermo Electron Corp.
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