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Founded in 1967, Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is the leading trusted worldwide provider of high-performance thermal packaging solutions and services.

Thermal packaging, qualification and logistics

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Preserving the Integrity of Life-Saving Products

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is an industry recognized technical leader in the development and delivery of single use and reusable insulated thermal packaging solutions that protect the integrity of temperature sensitive payloads. With over 50 years of experience in the global cold chain, we fully understand its’ logistics, applications, demands, and extremes. CCT is a pioneer in the design and delivery of innovative and high-quality thermal packaging, and one of the industry’s largest cold chain solution providers.

Engineering-Driven, Customer-Focused

Each solution begins with the same foundation – the real-world needs of our customers. Our talented and experienced professionals understand the challenges your product will encounter once it leaves your facility, and they will work closely with you to ensure that those challenges are met. Our design and testing qualifications are done in a cutting-edge ISO 9001:2015, ISTA-certified, cGMP-compliant lab. From needs-analysis to product selection to support services, we apply unrivaled engineering expertise at every stage of our customer relationships.

Any Application. Any Temperature. Anywhere.

A global network of manufacturing and distribution sites enable us to quickly meet your solution needs. Whether you’re looking for immediate delivery of a stock size or the development of a unique single use or reusable package, we can quickly provide a cost- efficient solution. Inaddition,for reusable packaging solutions, we can develop, implement and administer a full return-reuse logistics program.

Our innovative product family includes:
• KoolTemp® GTS EcoFlex – Reusable parcel shipper solution designed for your business to Go Green available in 6L to 59L payloads.

• KoolTemp® GTS Enshield – Reusable Pallet Cover solution which is the industry’s first Phase Change Material (PCM) thermal pallet cover and is powered by our Koolit® Advanced PCM Refrigerants.

• Koolit® Advanced PCM Gel – Innovative, durable, and leakproof - these are the industry’s only gelled Phase Change Material formulations which provide exceptional protection against both hot and cold temperature extremes.

• KoolTemp® GTS Pallet Shippers – Secure, multi-modal solutions that offer uniform thermal protection for large scale, high-value payloads.

• KoolTemp® GTS Parcel Shippers – User friendly, modular pack-outs with simple refrigerant conditioning ranging from 2L to 66L.


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