Live at PACK EXPO Las Vegas: IOPP Fundamentals of Medical Device Packaging Course Development

More than 45 members of the medical device community took Monday afternoon at the show to attend a FORUM session to help shape a new course for junior engineers and new entries to the medical device community.

IOPP decides to reboot the medical device technical committee
IOPP decides to reboot the medical device technical committee

IOPP recognizes that there are not a lot of educational materials, either coming from industry groups or within individual organizations.

So IOPP has decided to β€œreboot” the medical device technical committee to drive development of a new course they hope to launch in Chicago at PACK EXPO International next Fall.

Goals for this meeting, included:

Create Awareness

Invite Involvement (beyond engineering to quality and marketing)

Drive Collaboration (between mfrs. as well as suppliers)

Spur Innovation

Spread Excitement

So far, the Fundamentals course includes nine components, but IOPP made it clear there will be additional elements added like labeling, etc.

  1. Regulations, quality systems and standards

  2. Materials and their forms (packaging and labels)

  3. Design (inputs, risks, outputs)

  4. Equipment

  5. Processes (sealing and sterilization)

  6. Testing, validation and qualification

  7. Troubleshooting CAPAs (corrective and preventive action) & remediations strategies

  8. Sustainability

  9. Capstone

If you are interested in contributing to the discussion, contact Danette [email protected].