Cartoner with OEE Enhancements

The Stealth CT cartoner, designed with the pharmaceutical sector in mind, has new features that can improve packaging line efficiencies and boost production while reducing costs.


Based on the already well-established CT Platform, The Stealth CT cartoner was on display at the MGS booth in the South Hall. Its new features include Illumiguard, a fault detection system whereby lighting in the area of the fault provides a key visual aid to assist plant floor personnel in identifying and addressing a fault. Go here for a video that captures just how Illumiguard works.

Also setting this cartoner apart is an enhanced HMI that becomes another tool to help personnel easily identify problem areas and troubleshoot them. Another innovative step taken by MGS is to separate the high-voltage enclosure from the low-voltage enclosure, which makes it easy for operators or technicians to access the low-voltage enclosure in compliance with all the safety regulations when troubleshooting the machine.

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