Verde Technologies: Drug Deactivation Pouches

Deterra Pouches use organic activated carbon to deactivate leftover medication; are safe to place in household trash after deactivation.

Deterra Drug Deactivation System is launching new Plant-Based Pouches for medication deactivation and disposal. Using organic activated carbon, Deterra Pouches are meant to be a simple option for safely eliminating leftover medications to reduce drug abuse and negative environmental impact by keeping potent pharmaceuticals out of the watershed and landfills.

These Plant-Based Pouches:

  • Use proprietary MAT12 Molecular Adsorption Technology to deactivate leftover medications using activated carbon
  • Are USDA Certified, 50% or more bio-based, and have earned the I’m green™ plastic certification,
  • Are manufactured in a factory built to LEED® Silver sustainable building guidelines on equipment designed to be powered by 100% wind-generated electrical energy,
  • Are printed using an expanded color gamut process to reduce ink consumption and waste production,
  • Are created to contain a smaller percentage of plastic when disposed of,
  • Are safe to place in the normal household trash after deactivation,
  • And are meant to provide a convenient, immediate, and environmentally sound alternative to flushing.         
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