iPhone instant product authentication

AlpVision introduces an iPhone 4 instant product authentication application capable of detecting its Varnish Cryptoglyph solution, an invisible marking embedded in the standard varnish coating applied to packaging and labeling.

Hp 20210 Alp Vision Authentication

According to the World Customs Organization, the impact of the counterfeit goods traffic on the global economy is becoming greater every year. By the same token, Research2Guidance estimates that global smartphone users will number 970 million by the end of 2013. Mobile devices therefore appear to provide an ideal platform to perform easy and cost-effective product authentication and may become a powerful asset in the fight against product counterfeiting.

In response, AlpVision's iPhone 4 instant product authentication application is capable of detecting Varnish Cryptoglyph® secured packaging and labeling.

Varnish Cryptoglyph is a pseudo-random pattern of invisible micro-holes embedded in the standard varnish layer applied to folding carton, blister packs, and labels in the printing process. While there are numerous smartphone authentication technologies available today, AlpVision's iPhone 4 application is capable of detecting a covert or invisible safety feature.

While still detectable using an ordinary office scanner, brand owners can now perform instant product authentication on any Varnish Cryptoglyph secured packaging using an iPhone 4-like device, therefore multiplying the number of verifications along the supply chain without changing the flow, speed, or cost of production.

See a live demonstration at Interphex 2012, from May 1-3, 2012, at the Javits Center, in New York, NY.
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