E-Cig Companies Have 10 Months to Submit Applications to FDA

The FDA reduced the deadline for e-cigarette companies to defend why they should be able to keep selling their products.

Juul / Image: Juul
Juul / Image: Juul

According to a recent Forbes article, the battle between the FDA and the electronic cigarette industry is heating up. The FDA had previously defined a 2022 deadline for e-cig companies to submit applications explaining why they should be allowed to sell their products, but due to a sharp rise in youth vaping, that deadline was reduced by a year.

The FDA still faces scrutiny from anti-tobacco groups that have filed a lawsuit against the agency for allowing companies to sell unapproved e-cigarettes. Ned Sharpless, Acting Commissioner of the FDA, said the agency is prepared to employ “all available regulatory tools at our disposal” to prevent youth vaping.

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