Peelable, tamper-evident seals

The headline is not misleading. Easy-to-remove tamper-evident induction inner seals are available that are recognized as tamper evident by the Food and Drug Administration. In the retail market, over-the-counter vitamin, mineral, and health supplement manufacturers have used them for some time. Consumers are happy because they're receiving the tamper protection they need without the hassle of struggling to gain access to the product. When the consumer pulls the tab on the seal, only the aluminum foil peels off, but it peels off easily. An easy-to-puncture thin paper membrane remains on the mouth of the container. Even seniors with arthritis can access the product. When the paper membrane is removed it leaves a visible residue on the lip of the container, providing tamper evidence. Among the companies using the peelable, tamper-evident seal commercially are Herbalife, Leiner Health, Muscle Tech, Nature's Way, Perrigo Co., Pharma Vita, Twin Labs, and some Wal-Mart "Equate Brand" products.

Major suppliers of inner sealing material, such as Selig Sealing Products, Inc. and Unipac, an ITW Company, provide easy-peel, tamper-evident seals. Several major cap manufacturers, such as Kerr Group, Mold Rite Plastics, Sho-Me, Top Seal Corp., and Weatherchem Corp., supply a variety of caps with the material pre-inserted.

--By August Ray

August J. Ray earned a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He's held a variety of positions in technical writing and marketing with Delco Electronics-GMC, Louis Allis, and Enercon Industries. After retiring from Enercon, Ray provided marketing and publicity services to several companies in the U.S. and Canada.
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