Quick Hits: New Breathalyzer Detects COVID

Researchers at Ohio State have created a breathalyzer that detects COVID-19 in just fifteen seconds.

Current COVID-19 tests consist of a deep nasal swab that collects a fluid sample, which are then sent to a lab for processing. Results typically come days later, which can be problematic. If results were produced in a matter of seconds, it would dramatically reduce the global pandemic’s impact. A recent Medgadget article discussed a new way to detect the virus: a breathalyzer. 

A team of researchers at Ohio State University developed and is testing a device that detects metabolites related to the COVID-19 infection within 15 seconds. The breathalyzer is inexpensive to manufacture, and easy to use- just about anyone to yield unequivocal results that are displayed on the device. Early results are promising, but continued testing is necessary before the device can be used for mass screenings.