Rutgers University Awarded 2023 Mark C. Garvey Scholarship

Packaging engineering student to receive $5,000.

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PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, demonstrates its steadfast commitment to supporting packaging education at U.S. colleges, universities, and technical schools through the PMMI Foundation.

“The Garvey family is pleased to award the 2023 Mark C. Garvey Scholarship. I had the privilege to meet with the Rutgers University Packaging Engineering faculty, tour their facility, and meet some of the students. We would like to congratulate Rutgers for being selected as the recipient,” said Jake Garvey, director of OEM sales, Garvey Corp.

The Mark C. Garvey scholarship was established by PMMI in memory of Mark Garvey, former president and CEO of the Garvey Corp., past chairman of PMMI, and a long-standing advocate of packaging education. Each fall, the Garvey family selects one PMMI Education Partner to receive this scholarship, based on its commitment to excellence in the packaging industry. The chosen school then identifies a student for the award, considering factors such as GPA, major, dedication to the packaging industry, extracurricular involvement, and financial need.

“Sponsors like Garvey Corp. and PMMI play a pivotal role in enabling the Rutgers Packaging Engineering Program to provide high-quality education and opportunities for aspiring packaging engineers,” said Magy Gergus, senior program coordinator, Packaging Engineering Program, Rutgers University. “This scholarship will empower a talented and motivated student to pursue their academic and professional aspirations with reduced burden of financial stress. It is not just a financial gift; it serves as an inspiration that will drive the student to excel in their studies and make a positive contribution to the packaging industry in the years ahead. We will be working to identify a deserving student who fulfills the criteria set forth for this scholarship.”

The PMMI Foundation dedicates over $200,000 annually to educational scholarships for students pursuing studies in packaging, food processing, engineering, and mechatronics. These scholarships exemplify PMMI’s commitment to nurturing the future of the packaging and processing industry. For more information on the PMMI Foundation, visit

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