Simplicity shines in packaging survey and package design

In an era of job insecurity, more work and less pay, a survey says pharmaceutical workers are turning to what's important. Meanwhile, simpler package design may be what's hot next.

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Pharmaceutical workers feel less satisfied than ever according to's 2010 Job and Salary Survey. A possible silver lining, according to that Web site's story about the survey: “You have changed the way you think about work and life. A good salary is important, but not the be all and end all.” The report says workers are reconnecting with one another through “a breakout year for professional networking.”

Focusing on life's simpler pleasures is also reflected in package design trends. “Simplicity is in, and the thinking in the 'new economy' is that it will take on a holistic approach involving both product and packaging,” says Jim George, marketing and design editor in the Packaging World story, “Simpler design feeding the consumer need for 'give it to me on my terms.'”

(Watch for a job satisfaction/salary survey in the April issue of Packaging World, done in cooperation with the Institute of Packaging Professionals and Gros Executive Recruiters.)

-Jim Butschli, Editor