va-Q-tec Opens New Facility in Langhorne, PA

A new 20,000 sq-ft North American headquarters and operating location to serve as U.S. welcome and innovation center, and will produce boxes and containers.

va-Q-tec, a provider of thermal packaging for temperature-controlled transportation, expands its international presence with a new North American Headquarters and operations facility in Langhorne, PA. va-Q-tec invested several million dollars in the 20,000 sq-ft facility and the U.S. market expansion.

The new site will become the U.S. welcome and innovation center and showcase va-Q-tec’s latest products. va-Q-tec will also manufacture its small box containers in Langhorne and will use the location as a key hub for its rental and repair station. The facility has the capacity to produce 2,000 boxes and 50 to 100 containers per week.  

va-Q-tec’s CEO Dr. Joachim Kuhn says, “The investment in this new facility is a testament to our commitment to grow the business and expand our footprint in North America. After careful consideration, Langhorne is the perfect location for us—right in the heart of the healthcare cluster, close to several major airport hubs and with easy access to major roads across the country and in close proximity to the pharmaceutical centers in Boston and Durham, NC.”  

Christopher J. Storch, Head of Global Sales adds, “We want to offer our current and future customers the best solutions for their temperature-controlled logistics needs. By opening the new facility, we are not only strengthening our position in the U.S., it also puts us in a better place to accompany the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, in which 27 of the top 50 best-selling pharmaceutical products will require temperature-controlled transportation and handling by 2020. Also as part of our growing local presence, Sandy Richwalski joined the company as Managing Director North America to better serve va-Q-tec’s growing U.S. customer base with a mid-term plan to hire 15 to 20 employees to service the business.”

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