Mauser: IBC composite pallet

Mauser’s SM IBC Series composite pallet uses pallet blocks made from recycled plastics in combination with an integrated metal tube frame supporting a metal pan to provide a more balanced load distribution for improved storage, stacking, and handling of IBCs.

Pw 63193 Mauser

The redesigned SM13 composite pallet makes day-to-day handling easy, and the modular design concept allows damaged parts to be exchanged for reconditioning and reuse of IBCs. The pallet's new integrated tube frame composite pallet no longer comes with a heavy weight central traversal support. A lighter, stiffer trapezoid tube frame structure directly connected to the pallet's metal base ring increases robustness and handling performance.

With the supporting tube frame structure directly connected to the metal base ring, the new SM13 pallet comes with integrated grounding and quality stacking performance even at elevated temperatures. The combination of recycled plastics and steel also provides an improved environmental footprint, when compared to full steel pallets.

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