AeroSafe Global: Single-Use Shipper Line

A20 insulated shipper line provides a low-cost, high-performing packaging alternative for biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

AeroSafe Global, provider of cold-chain-as-a-Service (CCaaS) technologies and solutions, introduced its newest line of containers for shipping temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical products. The A20 Insulated Shipper Line represents the company’s first one-time-use offering.

The A20 line offers manufacturers a lower-cost shipping option that doesn’t compromise performance. The option of one-time use is said to be ideal for low-duration shipping needs of between 24 and 48 hours where reusability is impractical, which can lower total cost for manufacturers, even those already using AeroSafe’s reusable shippers for other applications.

The A20 line is fully prequalified to ISTA 7D summer and winter profiles. Despite requiring minimal components, which further simplifies pack-outs, the shippers are engineered to provide protection for temperature-sensitive products that complies with all existing regulatory requirements and specifications.

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