Intelsius: Expanded PCM Range

New +22°C Plantol PCM introduced for the ORCA range for transport of whole blood products.

Intelsius, a DGP company, and designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging, has extended its ORCA range, with the introduction of its +22°C Plantol PCM.

The +22°C Plantol PCM is manufactured specifically to the temperature range 20° to 24°C for the transportation of whole blood products.

With a greater need for more complex shipping systems the +22°C Plantol provides an extended solution to the ORCA range, providing exemplary performance as an ambient PCM in hot conditions over 144 hours against ISTA 7D, for every-sized ORCA.

Intelsius’ PlantolTM range of PCMs are non-toxic and non-fossil fuel-derived and have been designed for exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact.

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