Tekni-Films; Thermoformable Films for Cosmetic Applications

The Tekniflex PX line consists of monolayer copolyester, laminated thermoformable films with limited tooling costs and shape customization benefits,

Tekni-Films' copolyester, thermoformable films for cosmetic applications
Tekni-Films' copolyester, thermoformable films for cosmetic applications

Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex business and supplier of thermoformable products for pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic health, and personal care products, introduces a line of Tekniflex PX monolayer and laminated thermoformable films for cosmetic applications.

Thermoforming is designed to offer shape customization benefits with limited tooling costs and a sampling option for premium brands. These thermoforms are formed into three-dimensional packages, mimicking full-sized, retail versions.

Included in the product line is Tekniflex PX monolayer copolyester. The polyester-based structure is made to carry a “resin code 1” and therefore, provide an alternative for more “challenging to recycle” thermoformable materials.

Additionally, the line features:

  • Tekniflex PXP—lamination to polyethylene (PE), for improved peel or weld seals,

  • Tekniflex PXA—lamination to Aclar film for enhanced moisture barrier and chemical resistance,

  • Tekniflex PXAP—lamination to Aclar film and PE for enhanced moisture barrier, chemical resistance, and sealability,

  • and Tekniflex PXPO—lamination to EVOH for improved oxygen barrier, sealability ,and product compatibility.

These material structures are designed to meet buyers’ performance objectives, shorten speed-to-market and give a competitive edge when trying to differentiate cosmetics in a crowded category, says the company.

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