Sonoco ThermoSafe: Expanded Range of Air Shippers

Company increases its range of LD7 pallet shippers for temperature-sensitive bulk air shipment.

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco and a global provider of temperature-assurance packaging, leverages award-winning technology to expand its line of pallet solutions with the launch of the LD7 Half PAG pallet shipper.

The Half PAG solution is designed to ship multiple pallet loads while reducing the cost and operational complexity of bulk shipments by optimizing the use of aircraft ULDs (LD7 air pallets). The Half PAG is available for 2°C to 8°C or 15°C to 25°C temperature ranges with durations in excess of five days. Each shipper has a universal pack-out design for use in both hot and cold seasons while also accommodating the demands of cross-hemispheric shipments.

The Half PAG pallet shipper features the same patented and patent-pending design technologies used in the Quarter PMC, most notably ConvecTECHand the unique interlock L-shaped panels. ConvecTECHtechnology maximizes the natural convection to eliminate side refrigerants, maximizing payload space, reducing shipment weight and simplifying packing procedures. The interlocking L-shaped panels eliminate corner leaks and drastically reduces edge leaks.

LD7 Half PAG is part of a wider family of space- and weight-optimized pallet solutions designed to offer loading and carrying compatibility on modern passenger/freighter aircrafts.

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