Cold Chain Technologies: Temperature-controlled containers

A push-button, temperature-controlled shipping container maintains temperatures for 96 hours.

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) and Topa Thermal Packaging have introduced KoolTemp® GTS Instant, a pre-qualified, temperature-controlled shipping system driven by NanoCool® “push-button” technology to maintain refrigerated temperatures for up to 96 hours with no preconditioning of materials.

An expansion of the GTS thermal packaging line of products, GTS Instant’s evaporative cooling works by transferring internal heat to the outside through evaporation of a small amount of water stored at low pressure inside the package. This technology offers the advantages of reduced size, weight, and cost, and is suitable for clinical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic specimen distribution and recovery.

With the KoolTemp GTS Instant available through both Cold Chain Technologies and Topa Thermal Packaging, customers will be provided with the same global supply capabilities that they are used to with the existing KoolTemp family of products.

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