Cryoport: Tamper-proof shipping lock

Vet Secure preserves the integrity of animal husbandry specimens.

Cryoport Inc. has introduced Vet Secure(SM), a new tamper-proof lock on its Cryoport Express® Shippers for exclusive use in the global animal husbandry market. The Cryoport Express is a liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper that is validated to maintain a constant −150°C temperature for 10-day dynamic shipment durations.

Vet Secure is designed to support international shipping regulations, enabling Cryoport to transport animal husbandry specimens globally. The sealed lock will prevent the removal of the vapor plug from the shipper without recognition in order to preserve the integrity of the shipped specimen.

The lock enables companies to provide a sure and comprehensive solution for international shipments serving the animal husbandry market. Breeding horses and shipping warm-blooded equine semen, for example, is an expensive venture for both parties involved, and the tamper-proof lock guarantees the trustworthiness of the specimen.

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